‘Anonymous’ members plan ‘Occupy the White House’ for Guy Fawkes Day

Zach Gorelick Contributor
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“Anonymous” is planning a march on the White House in November, according to a notice posted on the bulletin board of the Washington Peace Center.

The event is planned for November 5, the anniversary of the failed 1605 Gunpowder Plot, in which Catholic radical Guy Fawkes attempted to assassinate British King James I by blowing up parliament. Fawkes’ likeness has been appropriated by the political “hacktivist” group.

The bulletin said: “this event will be in memory of Guy Fawkes. For he is our true hero. Let us make this event in honor of him.”

“[T]his protest is being organized by Anonymous members,” said the notice, “let us show the government that we are the 99%.”

The group ominously notes that “this protest will be more than just a simple march,” adding, “we hope to see you on November the 5th. Until then we must prepare for it.”

The user profile that posted the event, “ullmank,” has advertised other protests on the Peace Center’s bulletin, including an event titled “anarchy spring training.”

The Washington Peace Center hosts an open “Activist Alert” bulletin board. The “Occupy the White House” notice was posted under the “DC Local Justice” tab.

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