Johnson reminds voters: Romney authored ‘the blueprint’ for Obamacare

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson says that he’s the only candidate who can be trusted to repeal the individual health insurance mandate in President Barack Obama’s health care reform law.

Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, Johnson said, has proven that he has no qualms about government-mandated health insurance, citing the individual health insurance mandate that Romney proudly signed into law while governor of Massachusetts.

“The blueprint for President Obama’s health care plan was Governor Romney’s plan in Massachusetts, and I’m opposed to government-mandated health insurance, period,” Johnson told The Daily Caller.

All voters who oppose Obama’s health care law — approximately 50 percent of the electorate, according to recent polls — “should” support his candidacy over Romney’s, Johnson said.

“I do have a resume,” the former New Mexico governor said. “There’s nothing to suggest that I’m not going to doggedly pursue the agenda that I’m talking about.”

Romney has promised to repeal the federal health insurance mandate if elected president, and has defended the individual mandate in Massachusetts as what was right for that state.

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