TheDC Morning: The Tony Robbins Idiot Test

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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1.) The Tony Robbins Idiot Test — Twenty-one people were confirmed idiots during the motivational speaker’s latest rally, NBC News reports:

“Nearly two dozen people were treated for burns on their feet after walking on hot coals during a motivational seminar conducted by self-help expert Tony Robbins in San Jose, California, local media reported. Firefighters treated at least 21 people for burns to the soles of their feet, several of them second- and third-degree, on Thursday night, according to a report in the San Jose Mercury News. At least three people went to the hospital, although none of the injuries was life-threatening, the report added.”

You know who probably has never walked on coals? The guy that took the money of these 21 nitwits. His last name begins with R and ends with obbins.

2.) Romney-Ryan rocks — An analysis of 15 PPP polls reveals that among Mitt Romney’s potential VP choices, Paul Ryan would be the most beneficial in helping Romney nab his VP candidate’s home state. The worst choices? Two tea party favorites, though no one believes they’re in consideration. TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein (ME!) reports:

“The second worst performer was tea party favorite Republican Rep. Allen West. Though some conservatives frequently mention West as a potential VP, there is no indication Romney has considered him for the role. Nonetheless, the June PPP poll showed that with West as Romney’s running mate, Romney falls from four percentage points behind Obama to 11 percentage points behind in the state, a net loss of seven percentage points. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is also seen as a kiss of death for Romney, according to a PPP poll of Minnesota from early June. Though the poll showed Romney already down to Obama in the state by a whopping 15 percentage points, with Bachmann listed as his running mate, Romney falls to 21 percentage points down, a net loss of six percentage points.”

3.) Climate Silence — President Obama doesn’t seem to want to address global warming — at least before his re-election. TheDC’s Paul Conner reports:

“Twice in the last week, the White House has deflected questions on whether climate change is to blame for natural disasters like the Colorado Springs wildfires and the Midwest drought. ‘I haven’t had that discussion with him [President Obama],’ White House press secretary Carney said to reporters aboard Air Force One en route to Aurora, Colo. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack similarly demurred when asked last week whether climate change had anything to do with the crop-threatening drought sweeping the Midwest.”

Perhaps President Obama thinks he will have more “flexibility” on the issue if he is re-elected. But if Obama really thought global warming was the most pressing threat to humanity, like some in the Democratic Party are wont to claim, why didn’t he expend each ounce of his political capital on day one of his presidency in order to save America and the world from the supposedly impending doom? If aliens were attacking us, ala “Independence Day,” do you think he would ignore the attack and focus on health care?

4.) The Iranian threat — Reza Khalili reports for TheDC that Iran is prepping for a potential terror attack on the U.S. homeland:

“Iranian assets positioned in the United States have been activated and are actively working to acquire intelligence and equipment that might be useful in terror attacks, according to a former member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards … Hassan Abassi, a former intelligence commander of the Guards and the current strategist of the regime, has stated that Iranian assets in America who would conduct terrorism are not necessarily Iranian and that many are American, Mexican and of Latin American origin.”

5.) Poll of the Day: Mack up in Florida — SurveyUSA poll of Florida Senate race: Republican Rep. Connie Mack 48%, incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson 42%. The RealClearPolitics polling average has Mack up 2.2%.

6.) Tweet of Yesterday — Eli Braden: Because all the tickets were purchased. RT KhloeKardashian: Why are all of the flights sold out today?

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