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Bloomberg to bust boozing?

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New Yorkers are so lucky. Michael Bloomberg has already saved them from eating too much salt and trans fats, smoking too much tobacco, and soon — fingers crossed! — drinking too much soda. He wants to keep his subjects from owning guns because they might do something bad with them, and if he doesn’t get his way, he wants the police to go on strike to teach the peasants a lesson. The unwashed masses of New York should be grateful to have such a caring and benevolent lord.

However, there are still many other mistakes the common rabble can make, if left to their own base devices. Bloomberg to the rescue!

The Only Paper That Matters in New York reports:

The next city health-care crackdown: alcohol abuse.

Having attacked smoking, trans fats and sugary drinks, the Bloomberg administration is ramping up its campaign against alcohol abuse, The Post has learned.

The city Health Department will be conducting a massive, 50-question telephone survey of New Yorkers to get a better handle on the level of alcohol abuse in the city.

“We routinely conduct surveys about important health issues to learn more about them, and underage and excessive drinking are serious health issues,” said Health Department spokesman Sam Miller…

The Health Department insisted the new polling research is aimed at improving its public-education campaign, not any new Prohibition-type edict to ban drinking.

Well, of course not. Since when has Michael Bloomberg ever shown an urge to limit New Yorkers’ personal choices and decide for them which of their freedoms they can handle?

Jan. ’12:

Now Bloomberg — known for sipping fine wine and downing a cold beer from time to time — wants to crack down on alcohol sales to curb excessive drinking, according to a provocative planning document obtained by The Post.

The city Health Department’s far-reaching Partnership for a Healthier New York City initiatives proposes to slash the number of establishments in the city that sell booze…

One of the goals listed in the “request for proposal” document to community groups is “reducing alcohol retail outlet (e.g. bar, corner store) density and illegal alcohol,” the document states…

“The city’s goals for the Partnership for a Healthier New York are in line with our ongoing strategies of promoting healthy eating and physical activity and discouraging tobacco, excessive alcohol use and consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages,” a spokeswoman said. “Specific proposals, however, are still in the planning phase.”

Just be patient, New Yorkers. You will be instructed precisely how your decisions will be made for you. Emperor Bloomberg will speak slowly and use small words so you’ll understand how he’s fixing your life.

Now run along and do whatever it is you people do all day, Bloomberg doesn’t even want to think about it.