Allen West endorses Adams over Mica in Florida primary

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Rep. Allen West has endorsed Rep. Sandy Adams over Rep. John Mica in the incumbent on incumbent primary that is unfolding in Florida’s newly created 7th District.

The endorsement is not entirely surprising – West is a staunch tea partier, and Adams is often portrayed as the tea party challenger to the so-called establishment candidate, Mica, who has been in office since 1993 and chairs the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

“Two years ago, the citizens of Florida called for a change in the way things were going in our Nation’s Capital,” said West, who was elected in the same 2010 election that brought Adams into office. “Sandy Adams and I went to the United States House of Representatives to work to get our Republic back on track. We quickly learned the problems were deeper and there were some entrenched careerist politicians who supported the status-quo.”

“These last two years, Sandy has been fighting to change the ways of Washington. She is a patriot with regard to preserving and protecting our nation and our Constitution. I fully endorse Sandy Adams candidacy for the 7th Congressional District because she represents a new generation of Republican Conservatives who have come to the Halls of Congress to find solutions and is working tirelessly against some on Capitol Hill who would rather perpetuate the problems,” West said.

Adams touted West’s endorsement.

“There is no doubt about it, Washington, D.C. is broken. Sadly, even Republicans like John Mica are part of the problem,” she said in a statement. “In 2010, Central Floridians sent me to Congress with patriots like Allen West with a mandate to stop the overspending in Washington. I am proud to say that we have made significant progress in our fight. No longer is the status quo acceptable. The entrenched Republicans and Democrats in Congress who have led us to our nearly $16 trillion debt will be held responsible.”

“I am honored to receive Allen West’s endorsement today,” she went on. “Not only is he an American hero, but we share the same passion for preserving and protecting our nation’s Constitution and upholding the principles our great nation was founded upon. I have kept my promises to the Central Floridians who have given me the honor to represent them, and my fight to change the way Washington works is not finished.”

The incumbent versus incumbent primary is a result of redistricting, which patched together portions of Adams’ and Mica’s district. Both opted to run in the district, though there was the possibility of running in a nearby district that had no incumbent in the mix. At the moment, Mica is the better funded candidate, but Adams continues to draw endorsements from tea party stars like West, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

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