Boaters survive chilling ‘iceberg tsunami’ in Greenland [VIDEO]

Ryan Lovelace Contributor
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Three boaters on a private glacier tour near Sisimiut, Greenland got an up-close look at an “iceberg tsunami” that has amassed nearly 1.4 million views on YouTube.

Jens Møller, who operated the tour, kept the camera rolling throughout the entire endeavor, even when his chances of survival may have been in jeopardy.

“I’ve never been this close to dying. I’ve never been this close to dying before,” Møller said on tape moments after the tsunami passed him by. “This is the wildest thing I’ve ever tried in my life.”

Møller told CBC Radio that his uncle steered the vessel while an Australian tourist looked on and he kept the camera rolling.

“I wasn’t really thinking about how dangerous it could be. I just wanted to film, I just wanted to see how it looks like,” Møller said.

The iceberg tsunami was likely caused by some strange summer phenomena in Greenland.

“For several days this month, Greenland’s surface ice cover melted over a larger area than at any time in more than 30 years of satellite observations,” NASA said in a new report that details how “97 percent of the ice sheet surface thawed at some point in mid-July.”

Such melting may be cause for concern, but will hopefully produce even more entertaining videos like this one.