Boston Mayor backs off attempt to block Chick-fil-A: ‘I make mistakes’; Dodson didn’t influence decision

Matt Pitchford Contributor
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Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has stepped back from his threat to block Chick-Fil-A from opening a new store in the city.

His announcement comes a day after Antoine Dodson shared his definitive opinion about the controversy via YouTube.

According to the Boston Herald, Menino said, “I can’t do that. That would be interference to his rights to go there,” referring to company president Dan Cathy, who drew the mayor’s wrath by going public with his views against same-sex marriage.

The mayor added: “I make mistakes all the time. That’s a Menino-ism.”

When asked whether Dodson’s YouTube video influenced Menino’s decision to back down, the mayor’s spokesperson Katie Ward said, “I can almost guarantee he has no idea who Antoine Dodson is. He was not influenced by this video.”

This article has been updated.

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