Flashback: Harry Reid wanted to audit the Fed in 1995 [VIDEO]

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is urging supporters to bombard Democratic Senate majority leader Harry Reid’s office with this message: you once supported auditing the Federal Reserve.

In a speech Wednesday to young activists, the Republican lawmaker said his staff uncovered video showing Reid in 1995 “going to town, talking about how we should audit the Fed.”

“Now, you have to convince him that he still believes that,” Paul said. “And so one of the things you can do, if everyone in this room left here and emailed Harry Reid, I think it would help.”

The House overwhelmingly passed legislation on Wednesday calling for the auditing of the Federal Reserve, but Reid’s office has signaled that he won’t bring it up for a vote in the Senate.

This is a signature issue for fans of Paul and his father, Texas Rep. Ron Paul. These supporters are now making light of Reid’s past avid support of an audit.

“For years I have sponsored legislation that would call for an audit of the Federal Reserve system,” Reid said on the floor of the Senate in 1995.

“I offer that amendment every year,” he continued. “Every year the legislation gets nowhere.”

Added Reid then: “I think it would be interesting to know about the Federal Reserve. I think we should audit the Federal Reserve.”

A spokesman for Reid’s office didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment from The Daily Caller.

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