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Some excellent diet advice from my personal health guru, Roseanne Barr

The Chick-fil-A nontroversy continues apace. Now some of the leading minds in America are weighing in on this crucial issue, and so is Roseanne.

WARNING: Don’t read the following tweets if you’re not prepared to have your mind blown clean out your damn skull with all the important nutritional info and stuff like that. Plus, there’s a bad word or two because it’s Roseanne Barr.

You lucky people. Thanks to the magnanimity and beneficence of Roseanne Barr, you’ve been spared cancer for eating a chicken sandwich made by someone who dared to express his religious beliefs in the United States of America.

All is forgiven, Tom Arnold. We didn’t know. I mean, we had an idea — how could we not? — but we didn’t know.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)