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The Japanese really like to build robots. So far the machines have been mostly cuddly/creepy, like the ASIMO and the blank-faced androids made by and for lonely scientists:

Now the Japanese are branching out and building angular, nightmarish killing machines straight out of anime, made no less terrifying by the addition of a peppy pop-punk jingle:

Eventually the two styles of robots will be merged and given an Austrian accent, and then we’re all dead.

My favorite fun fact about the new Japanese deathbot, courtesy of the Guardian:

The massive robot, called Kuratas, is controlled either by a human pilot in a mid-torso cockpit or by a smartphone connected to a 3G network, and was unveiled at the Wonder festival in Tokyo on Monday.

Because that’s what you want: a giant robot with guns that can be controlled by smartphone.

Come to think of it, I do want one of those, actually.

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