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Archie! Is! The 99%!

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Show me what irrelevance looks like! This is what irrelevance looks like!

I did not Photoshop this. It’s an actual thing that exists.


The Occupy movement went global, and its influence has even landed it in the fictional town of Riverdale.

In the new issue of “Archie,” No. 635, Archie and Jughead are caught in the middle of the movement after they happen upon “Occupy Riverdale” at Perkins Park.

amNewYork spoke with Queens resident Alex Segura, who wrote the issue, which was drawn by Gisele and is in stores now.

Why bring the Occupy movement into Archie? It came up in a really funny and random way, actually. I was sitting in on an interview with our co-CEO, Jon Goldwater, in my role as VP of publicity at Archie. The reporter was closing the interview out by praising us for all the timely, progressive stuff the company’s been doing and asked, “What’s next, Occupy Riverdale?” Jon and I kind of looked at each other and it clicked. We just figured, why not?

I dunno… I just can’t see Archie as an Occupier. When has he ever raped or killed or vandalized anybody?

You can check out a preview here:

Oh, that Jughead. All he ever thinks about is food.

They should send a copy of this comic to the Occupier who just pleaded guilty to trying to blow up a bridge in Cleveland. Dude could probably use some cheering up!

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