Memo to Team Romney: It’s ‘kick ass’ (not ‘kiss my ass’)

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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On the 1970s and 80s TV show, “Alice,” waitress “Flo” would often tell boss and cook Mel Sharples to, “Kiss my grits.”

In the reality show that has become presidential politics, political aides are now telling reporters, “Kiss my ass.”

And in what might be the ultimate kiss-up, some conservatives are applauding it:

I can understand Rick Gorka’s (Romney’s traveling press aide) frustration. The reporters were being obnoxious (I’m not sure they come across so well in this video), yet that doesn’t mean his comments were right (or smart).

At the very least, it doesn’t help Romney’s cause. Gorka became the story. If Romney was frustrated that reporters were obsessing on trivial “horse race” politics (rather than on the substance of his speeches) before the comments, then this just gave the press more ammunition.

How might Romney’s press spox have handled the situation? With tact. And diplomacy. There’s an old quote that says “diplomacy is telling someone to go to hell, and having them look forward to the trip.”

Somehow, I doubt any reporters were looking forward to following Gorka’s suggested action.

Another wise saying in politics is this: “Don’t get mad, don’t get even, get ahead.”

(Memo to Team Romney: It’s kick ass behavior conservatives are looking for.)

Matt K. Lewis