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UK experts to help destroy Iraq’s WMDs that don’t exist

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Bush told the truth, here’s the proof:

BAGHDAD (AP) — Britain will help the Iraqi government dispose of what’s left of deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons, still stored in two bunkers in north of Baghdad, the British embassy in Baghdad announced Monday.

The British Defense Ministry will start training Iraqi technical and medical workers this year, an embassy statement said. The teams will work to safely destroy remnants of munitions and chemical warfare agents left over from Saddam’s regime. He was overthrown in 2003 following an American-led invasion.

Saddam stored the chemical weapons near population centers so that he could access them quickly, despite the danger to his civilian population.

Remember “Bush lied, people died”? Yeah, never mind. Remember Sean Penn and Naomi Watts making a movie about a fake scandal on top of a fake scandal? Pay no attention. (The viewing public sure didn’t.) That’s right, a decade’s worth of leftist lies just got capped off with: “Oh yeah, um… they’re getting rid of that stuff now. You know, the stuff that doesn’t exist.”

By the way, the AP’s headline refers to Iraq’s “chemical residues.” As if they’re cleaning up an accident in the household aisle at the supermarket. Make sure to minimize it as much as possible, guys, and hope nobody notices. That’s why you’re the gatekeepers.

(Hat tip: Ace of Spades)

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