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Now here’s how you strike back at the evil Chick-fil-A [VIDEO]

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In case this video disappears, the dude’s YouTube handle is Amsmith77Amsmith. He’s a real tough guy, is what he is.

(Update: Yep, it was deleted about 12 hours later. Must’ve been an accident! This is a copy.)

If I was that young lady’s boss, I’d give her a raise. She handled it very well, on what had to be a busy, stressful day to begin with. She’s certainly a better person than that pathetic creep. And he was so proud of his stunning achievement that he put it on YouTube! What a winner.

(Hat tip: Breitbart)

P.S. You should check out the YouTube comments, too. He is getting clobbered. Sonny Bunch has already dubbed him “King Douche,” but that seems needlessly insulting to feminine hygiene products.