August 2 Lagniappe

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Allahpundit for Hot Air: “Rick Warren: Chick-fil-A’s owner told me they set a new world record in sales today”

Amy Sullivan for The New Republic: “The Unapologetic Case for Formula-Feeding”

Jordan Bloom for The American Conservative: “Ted Cruz: Texas Establishment vs. Tea Party Establishment?”

Charles C.W. Cooke for National Review: “The Rise of Boris Johnson”

James Taranto for the Wall Street Journal: “‘Culture’ Clash”

Michael Walsh for the New York Post: “First, the ‘fast & furious’ small fry”

Paul Gottfried for The American Conservative: “Mitt the Minimalist”

Russell Saltzman for First Things: “The Magic of Locality”

Matt K. Lewis