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Harry Reid gets reamed out by… Jon Stewart???

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I think we have a new definition for liberal overreach: being such a gigantic $#!+head that you get called out on The Daily Show even though you’re a Democrat.

It’s becoming a weekly thing now. Last week Jon Stewart called out ABC’s Brian Ross for assuming that if somebody shoots up a movie theater, he must be a Tea Partier. (Hey, just because Tea Partiers haven’t been violent so far doesn’t mean it can’t happen, right?) Now Stewart is fed up with another lib in good standing: everybody’s favorite ambulatory cadaver, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV).

Jon Stewart is a funny guy, which is why he makes those hilarious jokes about Romney being the shifty one in Election 2012. Y’know, because he refuses to give Barack “Unseal Those Private Records” Obama more ammo than he absolutely has to. And of course, there’s the obligatory shot at Fox News to keep the audience from walking out. But then Stewart takes off the clown nose and reminds us that Harry Reid is an ugly, unethical creep. Gotta give him credit for that.

By the BTW, has Jon Stewart ever called on Obama to release his college records? Has he demanded to see the Rashid Khalidi tape that the LA Times has been hanging onto? Or the Fast & Furious documents? Or any of Obama’s other secret stuff? Just kidding. That’s different because you’re a racist.

Let’s not push our luck. It’s a big step for Stewart to risk slightly less clamorous cheers, slightly more hesitant laughter, by daring to go after one of his own for being a complete bastard. Huzzah and kudos, Jon Stewart!

P.S. Harry Reid just slandered Romney on the floor of the Senate:

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