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Would you like to see Keith Olbermann’s pictures of clouds and lightning?

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Everybody knows that if you want the latest scoop on Keith Olbermann, you go to KeithOlbermann.com. It’s your one-stop shop for breaking news and incisive opinion on America’s favorite former newsreader.

That’s the side of Keith we all see on TV every day. Well, we used to. But what about his more lyrical, contemplative side? Where does a man like that go to express his innermost feelings?

Actually Keith Olbermann.

No, that’s the name of the site. “Actually Keith Olbermann.” Here, look.

Because it’s… well, it’s actually Keith Olbermann! And why does Keith finally have a site of his very own? As he explains:

A long time ago I used to be a semi-professional photographer. Emphasis on “semi.”

How could Keith Olbermann keep his photography from us all this time? It’s breathtaking. Here’s some of his work:

Admit it. Admit you didn’t know he had this much wounded beauty inside him. Sure, Keith Olbermann has always made you think. But you didn’t realize how deeply he can make you feel.

Not so smug now, are ya, jackass?

And that’s just what Keith has posted within the last 24 hours. I can’t wait to see which cameraphone pics of meteorological phenomena he puts up next!

Actually, Keith Olbermann: thank you.