Allen West: Students who voted Obama in ’08 ‘are back home with mommy and daddy’ [VIDEO]

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Tea party favorite Florida Rep. Allen West described progressive political ideals as “enticing to young people at first, but that reality has a way of deflating those ideals.

“They get told you can have everything taken care of for you, you won’t have to work as hard it really is an image that seems a lot more fun but in the long run it does not work out well.”

“When you think about now that you have about forty five to fifty percent of those college graduates that just matriculated through that have probably voted for the president back in 2008, they are back home with Mommy and Daddy,” he continued. “So the hope and change message, and all that enthusiasm and all the rah-rah sounded real good to them but now the practicality of life has hit them in the face and it doesn’t work out.”

West spoke at the 2012 National Conservative Student Conference held at George Washington University by the Young America’s Foundation, where over 300 High School and college students attended a series of seminars and speeches.

Videography by Grae Stafford

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