Clint Eastwood thinks Romney is handsome, should be president

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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It would really make Clint Eastwood’s day if Mitt Romney won the presidential election.

The legendary actor and director officially endorsed the presumptive GOP candidate Friday at a Romney fundraiser in Sun Valley, Idaho, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

After Romney addressed the crowd, he called Eastwood up to the podium, who told the audience that he liked both former Massachusetts governor’s good looks and tax plan.

“I was doing a picture in early 2000s called ‘Mystic River’ in his home state,” Eastwood said. “At that time, Gov. Romney was running for governor. I said, ‘God, this guy is too handsome to be governor, but he does look like he could be president.’ As the years have gone by, I’m beginning to think even more so that.”

Eastwood continued, “He’s going to restore a decent tax system that we need badly so that there is a fairness and people are not pitted against one another of whose paying taxes and who isn’t.”

Eastwood then slammed the current tax penalty for Olympic medal winners.

“Also, we don’t want anybody taking away the Olympic medals, tax-wise, from the Olympic athletes. The government is talking about getting a couple of nickels,” Eastwood said. “It’s now more important than ever that we need Gov. Romney, and I’m going to be voting for him as I know most of you will be. We’ve got to just spread the word and get the whole country behind this.” (SEE ALSO: Eastwood to TheDC: Obama ‘needs to spend more time governing’)

Apparently, all those theories about Eastwood’s Chrysler Super Bowl commercial being a thinly veiled Obama campaign ad were dead wrong.

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