Gay advocacy group to spend $1 million in state marriage battles

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The nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group has announced that it will be spending $1 million in the four states holding marriage ballot initiatives this year.

The $1 million will be split evenly between Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington, through the Human Rights Campaign’s special ballot measure PAC.

According to the HRC, the expenditure will bring the group’s total spending on this election cycle to $4.8 million.

“This is a tipping point year in the fight for marriage equality that requires significant investment,” said HRC President Chad Griffin in a statement Monday. “We are committed to making sure this is the year that our opponents can no longer claim Americans will not support marriage equality at the ballot box.”

The National Organization for Marriage would not provide numbers but a representative told The Daily Caller that the traditional marriage group plans to spend “in excess of HRC- hopefully at least double.”

In Maine, the ballot initiative if passed would legalize same-sex marriage. Marylanders and Washingtonians will vote to approve or disapprove the legislature’s legalization of same-sex marriage. Minnesota’s ballot initiative would ban same-sex marriage, keeping marriage to its traditional definition.

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