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How many reasons do you need to vote for Barack?

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How about 90? Would 90 reasons do it for ya?

Ladies and gentlemen: 90days90reasons.com.

“Let’s restart the fire.” Wait a second, did something happen to the fire? What happened to the fire?

The site is the latest brainchild of Dave Eggers, author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and probably some other books. So far we’ve only got three reasons, from Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard (“I want a president who recognizes that gay or straight, the rights of married couples should be equal”), Roger Ebert (“One important reason I will be voting for Obama is his health plan”), and George Saunders (“I’ve never heard of me either”). That only leaves 87 more days, 87 more reasons to go. By the time they’re done, how is anybody going to vote for that cancer-causing tax-dodger Romney?

Scoff all you want, wingnut, but Eggers knows how to pick a winner. According to Slate:

The New York Times reports that the protagonist of Dave Eggers’ book Zeitoun—who was celebrated as a hero after canoeing through a Katrina-flooded New Orleans to save and provide water to his neighbors—has been accused of plotting to have his ex-wife and her son from a previous marriage, along with a third person, killed.

Abdulrahman Zeitoun, 54, was charged Wednesday with soliciting the murders. He was already in jail for assault at the time of the alleged solicitation. According to police, Zeitoun offered a fellow inmate $20,000 to carry out the crimes while Zeitoun was still behind bars, thereby providing himself with an alibi. The inmate instead alerted authorities.

While his loving relationship with then-wife Kathy featured prominently in Eggers’ 2009 book, the couple divorced last year after Zeitoun was convicted of assaulting her.

Forget the other 89 reasons to vote for Obama. I only need one: Dave Eggers thinks it’s a good idea.

(Hat tip: The AV Club)