Coulter says Ryan pick makes presidential contest ‘into a 1980 election about ideas’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Conservative commentator Ann Coulter argued on Larry Kudlow’s WABC Saturday radio show that Mitt Romney’s decision to name Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate was a stellar decision.

While some argue that Ryan’s budget proposal makes Romney vulnerable, Coulter, the author of the forthcoming book “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama,” argues just the opposite. She explained that Romney’s choice for VP will force the Democratic Party to defend “socialist policies” and to make the case for policies she suggested were bankrupting the country.

“There’s a lot that’s attractive about Ryan,” Coulter said.

“He is young and Catholic and Midwest. I really think the big thing with the Ryan pick is that it turns it into a 1980 Reagan election about ideas. Democrats can’t escape it. They’re going to have to scream about their socialist policies and we just have to, as [independent Vermont Sen.] Bernie Sanders says, raise taxes on the rich as high as they need to be and not touch the program that was ordained by the saint FDR. And, you know, they talk about fundamentalist and their beliefs and their inability to reconsider things. No, liberals will not reconsider Social Security. FDR gave it to us. It is set in stone. It was passed down by Moses. And we may not consider making any changes to it, no matter that it’s bankrupting the country.”

Coulter went on to explain why defending programs like Social Security will become increasingly difficult as the demographic shift in the country takes place.

“And because Democrats tend to be people that have never held jobs in the private sector, it doesn’t occur to them that if you try to fund Social Security as the retiring population becomes larger than the working population by just taxing the rich, the rich aren’t going to work that hard,” Coulter said.

“In order to become rich, you have to work very, very hard and there’s no point to working very, very hard if 60 percent of it is going to the government.”

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