Obama reminds us that he eats dogs, three times in one day

Jim Treacher | Blogger

Three reminders in one day, that is. I don’t know for a fact that he actually ate three dogs in one day. He might have skipped lunch.

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Obama radiates spite and ill will toward anyone who dares to oppose him. Especially when he’s “joking.” Keep doing what you’re doing, Mr. President!

And you’ll never guess who’s helping Obama remind everyone that he eats dogs. Rolling Stone reports:

Devo are set to release a track later this month entitled “Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Remember Seamus).” It is inspired by Mitt Romney’s notorious road trip from Massachusetts to Ontario, during which he transported the family dog, Seamus, in a kennel strapped to the roof of his station wagon.

Get it? Like “Don’t tase me, bro!” Because Devo is timely.

The track also comes as Devo’s founder and commercial director, Gerald V. Casale, kicks off his Remember Seamus campaign, which is supposed to help “make 2012 the year where animals like Seamus are valued and honesty is praised.”

Whereas eating dogs is okay, because the Democrat does it.

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