Watch as 295 movie clips make up the lyrics to ‘Baby Got Back’ [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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In an amazing feat that most certainly took an unemployed computer nerd several hundred hours to complete, someone has made a supercut of clips from 295 movies — yes, two hundred and ninety-five — to recreate all of the lyrics to Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s ode to giant asses, “Baby Got Back.”

“Casablanca” is in there, we’ve got a little of “Good Will Hunting,” a dash of “Chuckie,” and a sprinkle of “Dead Poets Society.” Naturally, Nicolas Cage makes a cameo (as he should in every movie supercut ever) as do Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield of “Pulp Fiction,” because you can’t have a movie ode without including them.

It seems a bit wrong, but there are a few Disney movies thrown in to help make up the lyrics. The young future King Arthur from “The Sword in the Stone” saying “it’s round” is a little questionable.

This is, if nothing else, a pretty amazing study in wasting time.


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