Abandoned by DSCC, Maine Democrat gets fundraising help from former governor

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Maine Democrat Cynthia Dill’s Senate campaign has been largely abandoned by her own party, but she is about to get a boost from former Democratic Gov. John Baldacci.

In the race to replace retiring Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe, many Democrats have opted to support the independent candidate, popular former Gov. Angus King, over their own party’s nominee, Dill.

King has not said which party he will caucus with if elected, but he endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2008, and endorsed him for re-election in 2012, leading both sides to believe he would caucus with Democrats. With statewide name recognition and lingering popularity from his tenure as governor, King seems like the safer bet for many Democrats.

But Baldacci, who succeeded King as governor, is throwing his weight behind Dill.

“President Obama and Democrats in the United States Senate are fighting every day for working people in Maine and around the country. But they need help. Their efforts have been blocked – time and time again – by obstructionist Republicans who have made their top priority unseating a Democratic president. State Senator Cynthia Dill can make a difference,” says Baldacci in a Dill campaign fundraising email.

“I’ve known Cynthia for many years, and she’s proven to be a strong advocate for her community, for progressive values and for expanding access to opportunity throughout Maine,” says Baldacci. “Your support matters and can help Cynthia to tell her story. I hope I can count on you to contribute now. Help elect a new Democratic voice to the United States Senate.”

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has remained out of the race, and has made no commitment to get involved on Dill’s behalf.

The DSCC is not supporting King either, but Dill believes she is being spurned. An early fundraising email from Dill went after the Democratic group, telling supporters: “Don’t let the DSCC and other beltway insiders decide who Maine’s next United States Senator will be. We know these groups don’t share our ideals and will not fight for working families, small businesses and Maine values.”

Dill could use the fundraising help, wherever it comes from, as she is being heavily outraised by her opponents. Dill has raised just over $100,000, and has just $28,521 cash on hand. King, by contrast, has outraised her nine to one, pulling in $937,694, with $503,444 cash on hand. Republican candidate Charlie Summers raised $294,081 and has $119,289 on hand.

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