Fifth grade class predicts the Internet in 1995, mostly gets it right [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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You think Jane Austen was way ahead of her time? Think again.

The fifth grade class of 1995 at Ray Bjork Elementary School in Helena, Mont., predicted the awesomeness of the Internet way before their time.

In this adorably nineties, GIF-tastic school PSA about why people should dial up the Internet, these unfortunately outfitted fifth graders explain that in the future, we will be using the Internet to talk, shop and work.

“In less than an hour you can: visit the planet Jupiter, take a tour of the Sistine Chapel, do research on the rainforest, get soccer scores for a team in Italy, chat with a friend in Australia — and I even found a recipe for catfood cupcakes. [Ed. note: um… what?]”

Noticeably absent from the list of things you can do in less than an hour on the Internet: order a Russian bride and/or hooker, purchase black market prescription pills and the myriad of disgusting fetish accommodation services available on the Web.


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