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The Republican Presidential Ticket

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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By Major General Jerry Curry, USA (Ret.)

Governor Mitt Romney has selected Congressman Paul Ryan to be his running mate for this fall’s presidential election. If the requirement was to choose someone who is decent, honest, competent and fully capable of taking over the reins of government in an emergency, then Ryan is without doubt the right candidate to be Romney’s Vice President.

Added to that is that he is the best member of Congress to explain the economy and the nation’s budget to the American people in such a straight forward, common sense way that even Congress will not have to pass a budget bill first just to know what’s in it. Ryan is a natural policy wonk who can explain Romney’s government of big ideas as to how to bring the deficit under control, reduce spending so that it does not exceed the budget, and shrink the size of the federal government until it is under the 2008 numbers; plus sharply reduce the size and number of federal regulations. That is, Ryan should be able to help Romney decide what it is that America should be doing and how to pay for it, when, and within budget.

If one of the purposes of Ryan’s selection was to shore up the Republican Presidential ticket by cementing the support of protestant evangelical Christians, that is another matter. Mr. Romney is a Mormon; Mr. Ryan a Catholic. Neither of which will have a strong natural appeal to the Republican protestant evangelical base. Still, either will have more of an appeal to the average American citizen than Obama’s hybrid form of Christianity perfected under the twenty year tutelage of Chicago’s white hating, race baiting Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Then there is the consideration that only once in the last hundred years has a political party had both a presidential and vice presidential candidate with no military and foreign affairs experience. Obama had no executive experience – period –and everywhere you look it shows. Add to that his penchant for not leveling with the American people, for not telling the truth under perfect truth telling conditions, for his reckless selling out to labor unions and special interest groups like SEIU, and you have a clear recipe for economic and executive disaster; which is the kind of witches brew he is concocting to force feed to you and me now. Unlike Obama, Ryan should have no difficulty in deciding where his loyalties lie — to the American taxpayer and to the constitution.

Mr. Romney passed over Congressman Allen West and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice when he reached out to name Paul Ryan as his VP. Obviously Romney thinks that with an expert economist on his team who can explain the budget, explain how overspending can be curbed and how an atmosphere can be created in which job growth can take place that he is well along toward being elected president. As for the lack of national defense and military experience, he can hire someone like Newt Gingrich who is more than able to successfully carry that ball for him and the nation.

The missing ingredient he cannot hire is someone who will stand toe to toe with Obama when he plays the race card, which he will do each and every day, and trump it with extreme prejudice. This is not just some parlor card game. The future of our country is at stake, as is the future of our children and grandchildren, and in many ways, the future of western civilization. Of course that person would have to be black and, as best I can tell, no prominent person of color has yet been identified as working in the inner circle of the Romney/Ryan campaign.

Have you ever wondered why President Obama spends so little time with those working on drafting the nation’s legislation? Why has he had only one cabinet meeting in seven months? What if it is because he knows that the views of his cabinet are irrelevant since he has no interest in the plans they are working on succeeding. If he wants something done in a cabinet agency he can always turn to one of his “unconfirmed by the Senate” czars for action.

What if vastly overspending the national budget is deliberate? What if Obama intends to purposefully spend the country into bankruptcy?  Think about it. Creating jobs is not that hard. If the president wants to foster an atmosphere of job growth in the country he would approve construction of the Canadian pipe line, open drilling across the US, lift the restrictions and regulations on clean-coal fired power plants, cut taxes on businesses able and willing to immediately employ US citizens in quality jobs, and quit financing the drilling of off-shore oil exploration in Mexico and Brazil.

What if the reason why the pipeline project was not approved was because it provided tens of thousands of jobs and Obama doesn’t want American workers employed? What if the health care plan was designed to wreck the nation’ economy? What if Obama pretends to Congress that all the government’s excessive spending is to restore the economy, when that’s not it at all? What if he deliberately intends to spend the nation into bankruptcy, to punish it and take it down a peg or two so it can see what third world countries have had to endure at the hands of the U.S.?

Recently I attended a private showing of Gerald Molen and Dinesh D’Souza’s excellent film “2016,” about Obama’s redefining of America if he is reelected, and where he intends to take both America and the world. Today we know that Obama intends to “rip off” the rich and the hard working middle class in our country and illegally distribute their hard-earned money to those who don’t work and don’t pay income taxes.

What we don’t realize is that on a global scale, as author D’Souza points out, Obama intends to take money from the rich/developed nations and distribute it to third world/developing nations. He justifies this rash and radical give away simply because the old colonial empires supposedly destroyed the economies of third world nations and owe them some kind of restitution. Of course it never occurs to him that for 150 years the US was a British Colony and has never had a colonial empire.

D’Souza refers to the half dozen or so radical extremists who most influenced Obama’s life as his founding fathers. Each of them is deeply anti-colonialist and have dedicated their lives to returning power to those they feel have been historically exploited. One of their dreams is to unify the Middle East and make it a third super power. Fortunately Ryan does not share this dream.

To counter these major challenges, all the skill, experience and savvy that Ryan has will have to be called upon. The underlying racist cast to Obama’s campaign will be more viciously divisive than anything we’ve seen in presidential politics in my and your lifetime, and Ryan will need help.

Ryan will prove to be a decent, honest, competent vice president who loves America and is fully capable of taking the reins of government in any crisis situation. But nothing has prepared him for the mean, hateful, vicious, racist names he and his family will be called by Obama’s supporters.

Mike Piccione