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Kira Davis gives MSNBC’s Touré Neblett some thinkerization

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I wasn’t going to say anything about Touré’s latest submoronic racebaiting on MSNBC — Romney has pointed out that Obama’s angry words are angry, and according to Touré, this constitutes “[word starting with N that I’d rather not say]ization.” Yeah, that’s dumb and divisive and ugly. But it’s only Touré. He’s not exactly one of America’s finest minds, even on the left. Let him say whatever stupid, racebaiting crap he wants.

But then I saw this response to him by a young lady named Kira Davis, and I had to share it.

It’s one thing to be bullied. It’s another thing to turn it into a license to become a bully yourself. I’m glad Kira was smart and strong enough not to make that mistake, and I’m glad she’s talking back to this creep who claims to speak for her.

It won’t get through to Touré, because it’s not in his best interest to stop racebaiting. If tomorrow the whole world woke up black, he’d be out of a job. But I’m glad Kira said it. She’s awesome, isn’t she? Check her out at kiradavis.net.

P.S. Ace used his Twitter account to pay tribute to Touré: