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Video: See What Happens When Guns Are Banned

Michael Piccione Contributor
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Australians never thought a gun ban could happen. Then Aussie tax payers paid millions to ban guns. The result was a spike in violent crimes. Police can’t stop the crime.

In Australia you must apply for a “Permit to Acquire” a gun.  Then you must show a “genuine reason” or “genuine need” to own a gun.  If you are lucky enough to get the permit the gun is registered to you. This has the familiar ring of common sense gun control that we so frequently hear about here in the USA. And just so you know, self-defense is not an acceptable reason to own a gun in Australia.

Now an Australian man is more likely to put on lipstick than a holster and an Australian woman is more likely to get a visit from a home invader because the government forced her to be defenseless. We must do what we can to protect our Second Amendment. Watch the video and see our future if we fail to protect our rights.