Tampa cracks down on prostitution in advance of RNC

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Tampa police are cracking down on prostitution in the Republican National Convention host city in an effort to “clean” it up for the big event.

Undercover Tampa Police Department officer swept 12 adult entertainment establishments last Thursday and Friday in a two-day “Keep it Clean” operation ahead of the convention, which begins later this month.

Their probe resulted in the arrests of 16 women, ages 18 to 61, who were charged with offering to commit prostitution in six of the 12 establishments.

“Although these checks are done frequently throughout the year, detectives launched this recent inspection as a result of information that prostitutes may be coming into Tampa to work in adult establishments during the RNC,” a Tampa Police Department press release explained.

The eldest, Leslie Ann Herrin, 61, was arrested at the Alibi Lounge. The youngest, Dallas Boswell, 18, was arrested at Skin Tampa.

Human trafficking groups have worked to raise concerns about the spike in prostitution and human trafficking during large events like the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

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