Ann Coulter: ‘I officially hate’ Todd Akin

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Sean Hannity’s Wednesday radio show, conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter said she “officially” hates Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin.

Coulter, the author of the forthcoming book “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama,” said Akin’s comments about rape and abortion give Democrats evidence to support their claim that Republicans are pursuing a “war on women.”

“They have been pushing this war on women thing forever. They had nothing until now,” said Coulter. “Now they’ve got something. Every Republican is going to be asked about this.”

“Now we can complain about media bias,” she said. “But that is a fact. This is all we’re going to hear about. It’s not like [anyone] did this to him. He was trying to show off with the fancy footwork on what happens to a woman’s body after rape. How about, ‘Yes, rape and incest and life of the mother. Now give us the other 2 million babies’? Can we just stick with that as our argument?”

Now that the deadline for Akin’s possible withdrawal from the race has passed, Coulter said she hates the GOP congressman.

“I’m glad that I didn’t do the interview yesterday,” she said. “I didn’t want to be on radio yesterday because I couldn’t officially hate Todd Akin until the 5 p.m. deadline. Once he refused to resign — not even resign. He doesn’t hold the office — to withdraw as the candidate. Now I can officially hate him. If he had withdrawn, now we can rally around him. Say he is a fine man, good Republican doing what’s best for the party. Now we can’t say that. Now I officially hate him.”

But there is still a way out, according to Coulter. She previewed her suggestion that she wrote about in her Wednesday column: a write-in campaign, preferably for former Missouri Republican Sen. Kit Bond.

“I have a solution for this,” she said. “It’s going up in my column today. It’s the nuclear bomb with you got Akin playing chicken with the Republicans. I think Republicans have to stage a major write-in campaign, it’s too late to have an independent candidate, with a well-known Missouri Republican –somebody like Kit Bond, absolutely beloved by Missourians. He got a huge percentage of the black vote in Missouri. He’s been governor. He’s been senator. People know how to spell his name. And remember, just two years ago Lisa Murkowski won a write-in campaign. A familiar politician could win a write-in campaign and I’m telling you, this seat is lost with Akin.”

“I think that’s the only way out of this mess,” she said.

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