Prince Harry plays naked billiards, brings shame upon England [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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The first rule of partying naked is not to take pictures of you partying naked. If for some reason you really felt compelled to take pictures, the second rule of partying naked would be to destroy any evidence of a no-pants party.

Someone should have told this Prince Harry.

The ginger-haired English royal brought shame upon his mother country when he broke these two crucial rules during a wild weekend in Las Vegas.

Celebrity website TMZ obtained two incriminating photographs of Harry from one debaucherous night when, according to the site, he went down to his hotel bar, wrangled up some women (which probably wasn’t too difficult) and invited them up to his suite to play strip-billiards.

In one of the photos, Harry is seen standing nude in front of a female companion, who also appears to be in the buff. In another photo, Harry is seen with his arms wrapped around a comely and naked young lady.

The Associated Press contacted Harry’s office, which confirmed that the photos are of the prince.

It sure must be nice to be the third in line for the throne: He gets all of the perks that come along with a royal title, without any of the responsibility.


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