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Professor defies campus concealed carry laws with threat to cancel class

Michael Piccione Contributor
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The University of Colorado is now allowing concealed carry in accordance with state law on its campuses and one professor is taking a stand against this policy. The website is reporting that Professor Jerry Peterson will cancel his classes if anyone who is carrying a firearm (legally) to his class. “That’s what I will do,” Professor Jerry Peterson, who teaches physics at UC Boulder, told Campus Reform in the interview with Campus Reform on Tuesday.

The University of Colorado has indicated to Prof. Peterson that he would be in violation of state law if he attempted to ban students who complied with state CCP (concealed carry permit) laws.

The controversy regarding CCP holders attending class at the University of Colorado stems from a lawsuit by Students for Concealed Carry on Campus v. The Regents of the University of Colorado. The outcome of the suit enables CCP holders to carry concealed firearms on campus.

The University of Colorado states on its website “The approach would only affect, potentially, a very small number of individuals. An analysis by the University of Colorado shows that 0.6 percent of the faculty, staff and students on campus possess a CCP.”

David Burnett, spokesman for Students for Concealed Carry told the Daily Caller, “It’s concerning that a member of CU-Boulder’s respected faculty would display such a personal and professional contempt for the law. The issue has been resolved in the Colorado Supreme Court; tenure doesn’t give anyone the right to rule otherwise. For the most part, we’re pleased with the conduct of the college itself, but the lack of maturity or professionalism on the part of a few is disturbing.”

Tim Schmidt, President of the United States Concealed Carry Association, when asked to respond to the Campus Reform article says, “It appears that Professor Peterson has an irrational fear of firearms. As many people understand, a firearm is simply a tool. It is a tool for self-defense. The firearm on its own is no more dangerous than a knife or club sitting on a table. Like the knife or club, the firearm needs a human to operate it. So unless Mr. Peterson thinks his students are deranged killers, he has nothing to fear.”

Colorado does not give CCP’s away to anyone. The University of Colorado states on its website “Among the requirements for Colorado concealed carry permits are that the holder must be at least 21 years of age, complete an FBI background check, and have either previous military or police experience or proof of completion of a firearms training course.”

Proponents against concealed carry on college campuses argue that more guns will cause more shootings and those CCP students are not responsible enough to keep and bear arms. Arguments for concealed carry on campus defend their decision to carry concealed and the need for personal protection does not end at the campus property line.

Professor Peterson has not responded to emails from the Daily Caller regarding his position at the time this article was written.

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