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The Occupy Cleveland would-be bridge-bombers are in the news again

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Well, sort of.


Law enforcement officials are concerned about possible violence by anarchist extremists at the upcoming Republican and Democratic national conventions, according to an intelligence bulletin prepared by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

The bulletin, which was obtained by CNN, says that anarchists could try to use improvised explosive devices.

It also says that, as of March, the FBI had intelligence indicating individuals from New York “planned to travel to Tampa and attempt to close” all of the Tampa Bay-area bridges during the Republican National Convention next week.

Hey, just like Bane! That’s because they’re the good guys.

Then, alllllllll the way at the bottom of the story:

Anarchists often research potential targets, according to the bulletin.

Law enforcement officials cite the arrest in late April of five Ohio men for allegedly plotting to blow up a bridge over the Cuyahoga River near Cleveland. Authorities said at least three of the men are self-proclaimed anarchists who had considered “a series of evolving plots over several months.”

Also, they were all members of Occupy Cleveland. One of the would-be bombers even organized Occupy Cleveland events. And he was featured in this Occupy Cleveland video, crowing about disrupting a police auction and achieving the highest goal of any Occupier: getting arrested.

You wouldn’t know this if you got all your news from CNN, of course. To CNN, those guys are just generic “anarchists.” And if, God forbid, there are attacks on either convention, they won’t have anything to do with Occupy’s violent rhetoric, and just plain violence, over the past year. All the Democrats and media personalities (PTR) who embraced the Occupy movement won’t have to admit they were wrong.

Meanwhile, in Tampa:

It’s probably nothing, though! Nothing that would reflect badly on the Occupy movement, at least.

Let’s hope the only bombing that goes on in Tampa next week is when Biden tries to be funny on purpose.

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