Tampa Occupier threatens Daily Caller reporter [VIDEO]

Melissa Quinn Contributor
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YBOR CITY, Fla. — A protester confronted a Daily Caller reporter on a rainy Monday night near the Republican National Convention and asked if she wanted “an umbrella up her ass.”

The protester also threatened to knock out her teeth.

The reporter, Melissa Quinn, was filming a protester marching with Occupy Tampa through Ybor City late Monday. While the majority of activists retreated back to their camp, one wielded a pro-marijuana sign reading “decriminalize medicine” and marched up to police officers lining the street.

“This is America,” the protester shouted. “Fuck you guys.”

A woman walking with the protester approached the reporter as her video rolled. “Please stay out of his ass,” the occupier yelled. “You’ll lose your teeth.”

“Get the fuck out of his face. … Ma’am, do you want a [sic] umbrella up your ass?”

Law enforcement in the Tampa Bay area followed the protesters both on foot and on bicycles. A police helicopter flew above.

More than 100 of the anti-capitalist activists staged a march down Ybor City’s central 7th Avenue, dancing in the streets, shouting slogans and denouncing Republicans.

“Dance for that anarchy,” many of them chanted, “just dance for that anarchy.”

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