TheDC Morning: Ron Paul and Romney-Ryan are incompatible

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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1.) Ron Paul and Romney-Ryan are incompatible — Paul Ryan suggested Monday that Ron Paul and the Romney-Ryan ticket see eye to eye on many issues and Paul supporters should feel “comfortable” voting for the ticket . TheDC’s Jeff Poor reports:

“Texas Rep. Ron Paul stopped short of endorsing the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan presidential ticket during his event on Sunday night, but Ryan has a message for Paul and his libertarian supporters. In an interview that aired on the Fox News Channel, host Bret Baier asked Ryan to address Paul. ‘We see eye to eye on a lot of issues,’ Ryan said. ‘We believe in sound money. We believe in economic freedom. We believe in the founding principles. We believe this is a watersheds moment for America, whether we are going to reclaim the American idea or a cradle-to-grave welfare state which is where I think the president is taking us. So, I think in the final analysis Ron, he and his supporters should be comfortable with us.'”

Ryan has every reason to want to get Paul’s supporters to vote for Romney and him, but in reality, there is a wide gulf between Ron Paul and the Romney-Ryan ticket. Sure, there are a few things they may agree on — or kind of agree on. But whether it’s foreign policy or (to a lesser extent) economic policy, the two camps are a considerable distance apart. Whether you’re in the Paul camp or the Romney-Ryan camp, if you are honest with yourself, you realize the two camps just don’t mesh.

2.) Crazy people march — Anarchists were out in force in Tampa Monday, though perhaps not to the extent they hoped to be. TheDC’s David Martosko reports:

“Anarchists descended on the site of the Republican National Convention on Monday and their anger, directed at both sides of the political aisle, compensated for their small turnout. So-called ‘black bloc’ anarchists marched mostly peacefully, with far greater numbers of police, Secret Service agents and uniformed National Guard troops keeping the peace. Secret Service sources told The Daily  Caller that law enforcement preparations called for the ability to respond to crowds of more than 2,000 activists, although no one expected more than 500.”

3.)  What about Afghanistan? — Mitt Romney ought to address Afghanistan in his convention speech Thursday night — or somewhere else soon — say conservative foreign policy experts. TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein (ME!) reports:

“American Enterprise Institute foreign policy scholar Michael Rubin said that he would like to see Romney speak more clearly about Afghanistan. ‘It’s all well and good for Romney to embrace the rhetoric of American exceptionalism, but words are not enough,’ he said. ‘We are at war in Afghanistan. The one thing Obama has never done is to commit to victory in Afghanistan; it’s about time Romney does, and demonstrate that he means it.’ Foreign Policy Initiative executive director Jamie Fly agrees …’I’d like to see both candidates talk more about national security, especially issues like Afghanistan and Syria, which I think neither campaign want to address head on because the solution to such problems aren’t politically popular right now,’ he said.”

How can America be at war in Afghanistan and our president and his top contender for the post so rarely address it?

4.) Distraction Politics — According to Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, President Obama is trying to distract from his poor economic record with side issues. TheDC’s Matthew Boyle reports:

“Virginia Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell told The Daily Caller he thinks President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign is trying to use things like the recent national focus on abortion issues to distract from his ‘failed’ record as president. ‘If you’ve got a horrible record on jobs and the economy and on debt and deficit, and you have no energy plan, then of course, you’re going to change the subject,’ McDonnell said in a phone interview. ‘That’s why you see so much attention from the Obama campaign on Romney’s tax returns, on Bain Capital, on social issues. It’s a very small-ball campaign — a campaign of division and fear — very different than the hope and change that you saw four years ago, which was uplifting and positive.'”

You don’t say? Politicians trying to distract from issues that hurt them and focus on issues that may help them? Unbelievable.

5.) Poll of the Day: Obama up in FloridaCNN/Time poll of Florida: President Obama 50%, Mitt Romney 46%. The RealClearPolitics polling average has Obama up by just 1%.

6.) Tweet of Yesterday — Jon Ward: how much time do you have?!! RT @GovHowardDean: I am on Ed tonight talking about Lies in Politics!!

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