Ochocinco couldn’t find himself in Madden, forgot he changed his name from Ochocinco

Holly Bensur Contributor
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Chad Johnson is not having the best month: his wife filed for divorce, he was cut by the Miami Dolphins, and he had trouble locating himself in the NFL video game, Madden 13.

The embattled football player tweeted Wednesday, “That awkward moment when you realize you’re not in Madden 13 and have to create yourself …”

Well, how about that awkward moment when he probably forgot he changed his name and did not realize he is actually in the game, just as a free agent under his former moniker, “Ochocinco”? Now thats embarrassing. discovered Johnson’s error when Kataku’s Owen Good shared the proof via screenshot.

For future reference football players, either remember you changed your name or look harder for yourself in a video game you know you are in. Or better yet, stop changing your name all together.

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