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President heads to storm-ravaged Louisiana (followed closely by Obama)

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Neil Munro reports:

President Barack Obama announced Friday that he’s heading to Louisiana, but he’ll arrive after Mitt Romney has toured the storm-damaged state in company with the state’s popular Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal…

Romney’s visit to the storm-damaged state the day after his successful convention speech highlights his aggressive campaign strategy, which seeks to preempts Democratic p.r. offensives…

Romney’s visit also helped pull the president away from his campaign-trail focus on swing-states, including Colorado, Virginia, Ohio and Iowa.

How could Romney do that to him? If there’s one thing Obama hates, it’s not campaigning. And being mocked. Okay, two things. Obama hates not campaigning, and he hates being mocked. Oh, and free enterprise. Three things…

Give Obama a break, he’s a busy guy. He’s got chairs to sit in and Eastwoods to tweet. Yeah, okay, so maybe storm victims aren’t exactly his top priority. Leave him alone, he’s just one man. What, is he supposed to control the oceans now?

Oh, whatever. Just shut up, wingnut.