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Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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1.) Mitt’s mediocre moment — In a less than stunning speech, Mitt Romney accepted the Republican nomination Thursday night:

“Mitt Romney accepted the Republican Party’s nomination for president Thursday night and offered a strong argument against President Barack Obama by saying that the ‘centerpiece of the president’s entire re-election campaign is attacking success.’ ‘Is it any wonder that someone who attacks success has led the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression?’ Romney said to the crowd here at the Tampa Bay Times Forum, ending the three day-long convention. ‘In America, we celebrate success, we don’t apologize for it.'”

The speech wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t particularly good either. It was largely uninspiring. Mitt needs to find his voice — and the right speech writer

2.) Don’t tase my bro! — Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush took some time out of his speech to the Republican National Convention to defend his brother, George W. Bush. TheDC’s Alex Pappas reports:

“Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush had a simple message for President Obama when he took the stage here Thursday evening at the Republican National Convention: stop blaming my brother for your troubles. ‘Mr. President, it is time to stop blaming your predecessor for your failed economic policies,’ Bush said. ‘You were dealt a tough hand, but your policies have not worked.'”

3.) Party crashers — Some surprise guests turned up at the Republican National Convention Thursday. TheDC’s Matthew Boyle reports:

“Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, and liberal contraception activist Sandra Fluke crashed the Republican National Convention on Thursday, the day Mitt Romney will give his speech officially accepting the GOP’s presidential nomination. As of 1:30 p.m. EST, Fluke and Wasserman Schultz have been strolling through the convention center doing media appearances.”

Nothing spells fun quite like Wasserman Schultz and Fluke. Or wait — everything does.

4.) Things Occupy protesters say — Several Daily Caller reporters spent the Republican convention following Occupy protesters. Melissa Quinn reports for TheDC on some things Occupy protesters were prone to say, including “The Muslims never fought the Christians. … The Muslims never fought the Jews”:

“September 11? The Ottoman Empire? Crusades, anyone? While we may think it’s difficult to forget the long history of conflict between Muslims and Christians, and Muslims and Jews, some Occupy protesters have. In an exclusive interview with TheDC, one man — who refused to be named for fear of backlash from the CIA — told us ‘the Muslims never fought the Christians. The Muslims never fought the Jews.’”

Muslims never fought Jews? This fella ought to read the Koran. As for Muslims never fighting Christians, a history book or two might be helpful for the Occupy man.

5.) Poll of the Day: Missouri Senate race dead heat — PPP poll of Missouri Senate race: Sen. Claire McCaskill 45%, Rep. Todd Akin 44%.

6.) Tweet of Yesterday  — Matt K. Lewis: I’ve always thought “In The Line of Fire” was an underrated Clint Eastwood film.

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