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Former Vietnam POW: I would approve waterboarding [VIDEO]

Paul Conner Executive Editor
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Former prisoner of war Lee Ellis explained the difference between the torture he experienced during the Vietnam War and modern-day waterboarding, and said that if he were president, he would approve the use of waterboarding.

“In waterboarding, you’re trying to find out the truth that’s going to save a lot of lives,” Ellis explained to The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas. “What the communists did to us was torture us to say a lie, to make a statement against our government, to make propoganda for their cause to defeat our country. So to me, there’s a huge difference there.”

“And waterboarding is not going to kill somebody. The idea is that they think they’re going to be killed, but obviously they’re not. We’re not going to let them die,” he continued.

Ellis is the author of “Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton.”

“I think it can get us the information that may save thousands of lives, and if I were the commander in that situation, I would approve it and I would have it done,” Ellis said. “Use it very carefully — wisdom always helps — but I would certainly do it.”

Look for the full interview Monday at The Daily Caller.

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