Jon Huntsman: GOP ‘lacks inclusiveness,’ ‘not focused on real solutions’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Former Utah Gov. John Huntsman told CNN’s “Your Money” host Ali Velshi that he skipped last week Republican National Convention, in part, because of his objections to the GOP’s lack of “inclusiveness.”

“When you have a party that lacks inclusiveness, that is not focused on real solutions and delivering the bread and butter bottom line issues that the American people are looking for, that lacks the sense of optimism and the big picture strategic thinking about America’s role in the world, all of that is so desperately needed today,” Huntsman said.

“And my comment, when asked, was as soon as my party — as I know it will — returns to that sense of inclusiveness, that big bold confident optimistic message about broadening the tent and our role in the world which is always been a very confident role — we don’t articulate messages based on fear. We articulate messages based on opportunity.”

Huntsman dropped out of the presidential race after the New Hampshire primary election, amid complaints from syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer and others that he was never a legitimate threat. Throughout the 2012 contest for the Republican presidential nomination, Jon Huntsman got a lot of media attention, perhaps unwarranted according to some, but was suggested to be a  legitimate threat.

“Let’s face it: It’s Gov. [Mitt] Romney’s show,” Huntsman told Velshi. “And it ought to be. He earned it and he deserves it. And his team is there and they’re doing their thing. And that’s the way it ought to be.”

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