Yo, Fact-Checkers!

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Hey, Fact Checkers! It’s all about the fact checking in 2012, according to the Obama aides (Cutter, Messina, LaBolt) interviewed at the ABC News/Yahoo!Newsmakers Live event this morning in Charlotte. … One of the aides–Cutter, if I remember right–then cited Obama’s claim that, after the government-engineered bailout,  “GM is Number One” again.  … The only problem with this is that the claim is … how to put it … not true. Toyota has now re-passed GM to become the No.1 auto maker in the world. You could look it up. … P.S.: The “larger truth,” the one fact-checkers often miss while they parse niggling details, is also not true!  Despite Obama’s vaunted restructuring,  GM is now  struggling again, though it’s unlikely to actually go broke anytime soon ..

Mickey Kaus