Is the Politburo lurking above the stage in Charlotte? [PHOTOS]

Christopher Bedford Former Editor in Chief, The Daily Caller News Foundation
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At The Daily Caller’s newsroom, we sometimes like to wrap up our day by kicking back and watching that strange parade of psychopaths and bobble heads on TV ramble on about the state of our country.

On Tuesday night the Democratic National Convention fed that addiction. In fact, it was kind of a bobble head rodeo. Plus that Kennedy-looking fella. And that lady who told us to knock on doors of neighbors we don’t know to talk about reproductive rights — like that wouldn’t get the cops called or nothing.

But lo, we were awoken from our slumber by a sight terrible to behold: A ghoul from the ash heap, a specter of the past.

Something wicked was lurking above the opening-act Democratic B-team.

Exhibit A: Who is that lurking behind Mayor Cory Booker?

Who is that lurking behind Mayor Cory Booker?

“Who are those shadowy figures looming over the wall?” we asked. “And how do we get those tickets?”

Thanks to Google Images, here’s Exhibit B: Who’s creeping behind Michelle Obama?

Lurkers creeping behind Michelle Obama?

It kinda looks like a bunch of people standing on a wall, just minding their own business.

Just. Like. These guys. Exhibit C: the old-school Politburo.

Politburo Old School

We’ve heard that “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” line from the Democrats before:

“They’re cool, bro.”

“They’re just as afraid of you as you are of them”.

“Don’t invade Guam.”

Granted, those guys in the closeups don’t have military uniforms on — they have cameras — and they even look respectable. But listen up: There’s one thing you can trust a communist to do, and that’s to be a communist. Also, be mad awesome at disguises.

Exhibit D: The “new school” Politburo.

Politburo New School

Well that’s just old Calvin Coolidge, right? Wrong. Granted, those suits aren’t bad, and the hats are totally fly, but all that high-Moscow style masks one important fact: Those bros aren’t cool at all, and if you think Tupac was thug life, take it from us: Tupac didn’tdoesn’t know shit about thug life next to these trigger-pullers. Don’t let the suits fool! And, back to the point, don’t let the cameras.

We admit, of course, that anyone can lurk over a wall, passively waving to the adoring masses gathered in Red SquareCharlotte, N.C.

Just take a look at Exhibit E, a sort of Politburo infiltration.

The dictator wave.

Just a harmless wedding party snapshot, right?


Notice the “dictator wave.”

Americans beware: Sometimes a wall of lurkers and creepers is just a wall of lurkers and creepers.


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