Sununu on DNC venue change: ‘You can’t believe a thing this administration says’

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu blasted Democrats Wednesday at a Republican counter-convention press conference as dishonest for using the weather as an excuse to move President Obama’s acceptance speech from Bank of America Stadium to a smaller, indoor venue.

“You can’t believe a thing this administration says,” Sununu told reporters at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. “This campaign promised you, rain or shine, the president would be speaking there. Then when they couldn’t get a crowd they brought it inside. I think those facts speak for themselves.”

Sununu was not done eviscerating the Obama campaign for mendacity. The former governor delved into what he saw as one of the larger lies propagated throughout the Democratic National Convention Tuesday evening.

“You would think they’d be smart enough to lie about things that weren’t easy to check,” he said. “Almost all the speakers last night accused Romney of wanted to raise taxes on the middle class. There is a very simple declarative sentence that is Gov. Romney’s position on the middle class: ‘We are going to cut their taxes by 20 percent.’ That is not a complicated sentence. It might be for Barack Obama, but that is not a complicated sentence.”

According to Sununu anytime a Democrat says Romney wants to raise taxes on the middle class, “you know they are lying.”

Sununu took on Obama for the conclusion of a recent GAO report which stated that the Obama administration’s recent decision to grant states waivers for the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) work requirements must go through Congress and then took on Obama’s bailout of General Motors.

“The President’s right arm I think is now four inches longer than his left one because he keeps patting himself on the back. What did the auto bailout do? It screwed millions o stockholders. They ought to take credit for screwing millions of stockholders,” he said, going on to detail how the bailout hurt bondholders and Delphi pensions, while shipping jobs overseas.

“The President is very proud of his fiction of what he did at GM. There were lots of ways to save, not just having the government come in and buy it and not just having the stockholders end up with none,” he continued. “There were lots of proposals to deal with it, but he took the big government route. And when you think of the route he took, then you understand why last night they put that film on that said we all belong to the government because that is the mind set he had in mind when he did what he did to GM.”

Sununu also said that he believes the campaign is out to “con the American people” but that he believes voters will not be fooled.

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