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1.) One step to the Wright — A friend of Jeremiah spoke at the opening of the DNC Tuesday night. TheDC’s Vince Coglianese reports:

“Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, a speaker Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, is a close associate of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Church bulletins obtained by The Daily Caller show that McKenzie was one of 15 speakers — including Father Michael Pfleger and Cornel West — who spoke at Wright’s retirement ceremony as pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in February 2008.”

Isn’t there another speaker scheduled to speak at the DNC who was closed to Wright? Oh, yea: President Obama.

2.) Fluke wants more — Do you think the Democrats realize that Sandra Fluke may not be their best face to win undecided voters? Charles C. Johnson reports for TheDC:

“In an academic article published last year, contraception advocate Sandra Fluke made the case that private health insurers should be required to pay for sex change operations. Fluke has become a vocal surrogate of the Democratic Party and is scheduled to address the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday night. On Tuesday afternoon she appeared at a Planned Parenthood ‘Yes We Plan’ rally outside the convention venue, where condoms in anti-Republican packaging were distributed.”

TheDC Morning is pretty sure most Americans don’t think that health insurers should be required to pay for sex changes. Just a guess.

3.) Krauthammer is tired of your sob stories — No stranger to hardship himself, conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer is fed up with political speeches that harp on girls with feet for hands and boys with hands growing out of their foreheads. TheDC’s Jeff Poor reports:

 “If I hear one more story of people walking eight miles in the snow, without shoes, uphill both ways, I’m going to start longing for a little Clint Eastwood spontaneity out here,’ Krauthammer said. ‘And I mean it’s not only scripted in the sense of how the speeches are arranged, having the video but the stories are the same except that sometimes it has a Hispanic tinge, African-American tinge and a slant to it. But that is what everybody suspects that and that is what you get.'”

4.) White House gender gap — Hypocrisy, thy name is the Obama administration. TheDC’s David Martosko reports:

“Government records show that despite the Democratic National Convention’s early focus on salary equality for women, President Barack Obama has consistently paid his own female staffers less than men who perform similar or identical duties. The convention is Obama’s show, but Tuesday night in Charlotte belonged to Lilly Ledbetter. The failed lawsuit plaintiff whose name was ultimately attached to a wage parity law Obama signed in 2009 — the first bill to win his signature — addressed the convention, and at least five other speakers raised her signature issue. One was the president himself … But data from the Obama White House’s 2011 annual report show that female staffers there earn a median salary 18 percent lower than that of men.”

Why has the White House launched a war on women?

5.)  Poll of yesterday: Romney, Obama still neck-and-neck after GOP convention — The RNC doesn’t appear to have moved the dial much in any direction, and the two major candidates remain in a dead heat as we head into the fall. Before the convention, a CNN/ORC poll found Obama with a two-point edge, leading Romney 49 to 47 percent. In a poll released yesterday, CNN/ORC found the race essentially unchanged, with both candidates at 48 percent support.

 6.) Tweet of yesterday — @wise_kaplanMitt: Doesn’t smoke. Obama: Chews nicotine gum. Newt: Eats cigarettes. The choice is clear. Vote Newt.

VIDEO: Obama panders to coveted stoner demographic 


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