Biden tweeted Democrats’ platform illustration showing six-fingered hands

David Martosko Executive Editor
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The 2012 Democratic National Convention platform has seen its share of controversy, but no one has raised the possibility that aliens wrote it — until now.

Vice President Joe Biden tweeted an illustration Wednesday night showing off “the 5 key points of the Democratic Party platform”

The image shows two hands stretching toward a U.S. flag icon. Each hand has six fingers.

The substantive issues described in the small graphic include tax cuts, green energy, Medicare and gay marriage. Wednesday’s contentious platform issues — language about God and the acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel — are not mentioned.

After three raucous and hard-fought voice votes, the convention approved the re-insertion of that language yesterday, to a chorus of boos. (RELATED: Amidst boos, DNC reverses position on God and Jerusalem)

Were the six-fingered hands intentional? A graphic design flub? Cause for anyone’s firing? Will the vice president delete the tweet and cover his alien tracks? Are polydactyl-Americans a new interest group with lobbyists and PACs?

“That’s the Democrats,” A GOP operative told The Daily Caller. “It’s hard to have your fingers in everything if you don’t have enough fingers.”

TheDC reached out to three different Democratic convention spokespersons for comment. They did not immediately respond.

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