Not your mom and dad’s Democratic Party anymore

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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The media likes to talk about how the Christian right has hijacked the Republican Party, but why not apply a similar standard to the other side? This convention is proof positive the secular left has overtaken the Democratic Party.

As I noted yesterday regarding the new narrative — this is not your mom and dad’s party anymore! — it is clear the DNC has gone hard left.

Some examples? How about their removing God and Jerusalem from a platform that also includes zero restrictions on abortion. And then there was Sandra Fluke‘s ugly nasty speech last night — which accused Rep. Paul Ryan of wanting to kill pregnant women.

I could go on …

But here’s the bottom line. Aside from the prime time speeches (where they largely put their best face’s forward), the message boils down to a collection of grievances, fear, sob stories — and a celebration of victimhood (only government can save us!).

How may times have we heard something such as, “Barack Obama understands women. Barack Obama cares about women.”

Can you imagine the same thing being said about men?

And while the mainstream media won’t say this, they are overplaying the “woman issue” — taking a very sympathetic argument, and turning it into a negative. Most people believe in equality for women — they do not, however, embrace radical feminism. The Democrats, by pushing this message so aggressively, seem intent on growing the (rarely-discussed) gender-gap problem they already have with men.

It’s almost as if they are intentionally recasting themselves as a mean-spirited, hard-left party, that is increasingly out of touch with “Reagan Democrats” and independents in middle America. They risk seriously alienating Catholics and pro-Life Democrats — a voting bloc whose importance cannot be overestimated.

Oh yeah, and they also haven’t discussed the economy yet (you know, the most important issue on the voter’s minds!) — except to say we need more time and we inherited a mess.

Americans want to hear about jobs and solutions for the economy, but the Democrats are dishing out a whiny theme combined with radical hard left positions on social issues and abortion. Have they given up on persuasion and focused 100 percent on turnout? If so, that seems to be a very dangerous strategy.

I guess we will see if Barack Obama fixes this tonight.

Matt K. Lewis