Kim Kardashian has some thoughts on the economy [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Noted economist Kim Kardashian went on national television to discuss her business empire and her thoughts on the current state of the economy Wednesday night.

The “burgeoning businesswoman” (their words) was on-hand for a CNBC segment at the New York Stock Exchange — her natural habitat.

Right out of the gate, Kanye West’s main squeeze was asked about her image as a “party girl” rather than a businesswoman: “The ‘party girl’ image has never really been who I truly I am, and I mean its definitely been a side of me and I like to have a good time. But my focus has always been business.”

Has it always, Kim?

When asked about how she has changed her business strategy since the economic downturn, Kardashian replied:

“I think that we’ve made definitely some adjustments in the way that we do our buying for our Dash clothing stores. It’s a typical boutique, and we’ve made some adjustments. I have found that within our brand selling to mass, but making the quality as luxury as possible, to mass, is definitely the way to go. It’s definitely a way to sustain retail shops — our product in this kind of economy.”

Kardashian then went on to deconstruct the Shapiro-Stiglitz model of efficiency wages, and criticized he Keynesian theory and the macroeconomic school of thought as a whole.


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