Van Jones at Democratic convention: ‘I’m being taped against my will’ [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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Van Jones, former special adviser to President Obama on green jobs refused to take a question on food stamps at the Democratic National Convention, telling The Daily Caller, “I’m being taped against my will.”

Jones was on his way to a room designated for MSNBC staff and guests at the Democratic National Convention when a group of individuals stopped him for photos outside. TheDC approached Jones, who asked, “Who are you with?”

When TheDC responded and began to ask a question about the record number of food stamp recipients, Jones said, “Have a great day. I’m busy. I’ll talk to you later.” (RELATED: Van Jones: We have to re-elect Obama to stop the tea party)

He turned away and told people walking by who recognized him, “We’re being taped against our will, and I’m trying to talk to you.”

TheDC said, “No, I have a question about food stamps.”

Jones replied, “I’m being taped against my will.”

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