‘Word cloud’ shows priorities of Obama convention speech

David Martosko Executive Editor
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President Barack Obama’s address Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention will be the subject of endless punditry and political gamesmanship. But if you missed the big event, you can still hold court at the water cooler on Friday.

This “word cloud,” courtesy of Wordle.net, shows the relative frequency of various words as they appeared in the text the Obama campaign distributed just minutes before the president took to the stage.

The words “America,” “future,” “jobs” and — of course — “hope” made frequent appearances in the speech, along with “government,” “college” and “energy.”

Concepts like “right,” “care,” “responsibility” and “decisions” were heard far less often. (RELATED: President Obama’s 2012 Democratic convention speech)

The words “Obamacare,” “Stimulus” and “Affordable Care Act” were completely absent.

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Update: Here’s a similar word cloud of Vice President Joe Biden’s speech Thursday night.